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Final Project Overview The final project for English Comp is a 1,500- to 2,000-w

Final Project Overview
The final project for English Comp is a 1,500- to 2,000-word research paper on a topic of your choice, approved by your instructor. The subject of your paper should provide you with ample opportunities for research because you are required to use five to seven Internet references to support your thesis. In addition, you must select a dynamic topic that allows you to conduct research on multiple sides of the issue. The final paper must be formatted according to APA guidelines and contain the following elements:
An information block with your name, class title, professor’s name (Dr. Trish), assignment type, and date.
An introduction and a thesis statement as the last line.
A body with supporting evidence and in-text citations.
An Opposing View section.
A conclusion.
A reference list with at least five to seven Internet sources in APA.
Creative Title
[Enter your introductory paragraph here. End with your thesis statement (labeled Thesis
[Enter your body paragraph or paragraphs here. Do not forget transitional sentences between
Opposing View
[Your counterargument as nodded to in the thesis statement comes in this section. The opposing
view includes a credible source that argues the other side of the topic.]
[Enter your conclusion paragraph here. End this section with an insightful comment for readers
to ponder further.]
[Alphabetize the list by author last name with first initial or organization title. The first line
aligns to the left margin. All second or subsequent lines of the citation should be indent. If you
need help learning APA (

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