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Follow “Reading Response” guidelines. Address these questions: Viola Shafik, Pal

Follow “Reading Response” guidelines. Address these questions:
Viola Shafik, Pal

Follow “Reading Response” guidelines. Address these questions:
Viola Shafik, Palestine: National Cinema without Homeland, pp. 287-297
Explain the title of the chapter: National Cinema without Homeland. Is there any paradox?
Despite the difficult political context, there is still a Palestinian film production. How do you explain this? What is the impact of displacement on film production?
Viola Shafik states that “a more complex notion of cultural and political difference has been emerging.” (p. 291) Give some examples of this “new” Palestinian cinema.
What have you learned about Anemarie Jacir’s work?
How are the new filmmakers “deconstructing” the earlier Palestinian productions?
Bonus questions:
Would you define “Palestinian” cinema as political?
As a result of the stifling bureaucracy in the Arab world, many film directors are choosing to cut ties with their homeland and work in exile. How does this affect the definition of a national cinema?
Reading Responses Guidelines
Read through the article quickly (skim through it) to get an overview.
Look for difficult words in the article.
Read the article for the second time while writing a summary of major points.
Reflect on the thesis of the article.
Note the arguments and the evidence used: are the sources valid? Are the arguments convictive?
Write an eye-catching conclusion.
Give your opinion and support it. (Facultative)
This article is about… The main theme is… The theme of XX focuses on… The author makes it clear that… The author makes an important point about… The author concludes that…
Explain your ideas using concrete examples from the article: “This article is important because it offers a… This article is biased because the author is focusing solely on… Instead of using real examples and real statistics, the author only makes assumptions…”
Formatting requirements

Double-spacing throughout 12-point front Times New Roman font 1 inch margins, no extra space between paragraphs. Include he following information on the upper-left hand corner of the first page:
Your name
The date of submission
The type of assignment (Reading Response 1…)
No reading response will be accepted past the due date. Write 2 pages minimum, address all the questions and follow the instructions above.

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