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Follow the instructions below to complete the assignment. All papers will use T

Follow the instructions below to complete the assignment.
All papers will use TurnItIn to verify authenticity.
Personal Leadership Reflection Guidelines
In this Capstone Course, you will write a reflection on your personal leadership philosophy. Do it in your own words. The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think about what you have learned about leadership and put it into a personal document. Include your personal thoughts on leadership drawing on your experiences within the leadership program and College of Business curriculum of East Carolina University (do not include examples from other time periods).
Someone who truly understands the importance of leadership, has thought about it, and can articulate it, will stand out from others.
The more thought you put in to this the more meaningful it will be. This document should help you answer questions commonly considered by interviewers and new managers.
Your paper should articulate your personal leadership philosophy and describe its attributes by describing:
How your personal leadership philosophy has developed while citing examples:
A lesson you have learned while leading others.
A lesson you have learned while following others.
How you see your personal leadership philosophy impacting your future success or enabling you to succeed.
Write your reflection as if writing to your future interviewers/employers.
The reflection must be at least two full pages of a MS Word document (750 words minimum).
It must be submitted in Canvas by the time and date due.
Take care to make it grammatically correct. WEEP policy is in effect. Please see syllabus for details.
As this is to be a personal reflection and identification of your style you should use specific examples (from your time at ECU) as much as possible.

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