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For international managers, advancements in information technology, and the rapi

For international managers, advancements in information technology, and the rapidly expanding global markets had created new realities for business engagements, with new opportunities and challenges.
In the past year, the international business environment went through a big upheaval once again, within a very short period of time. International managers had to engage their administrative staff, operation teams, and global teams to keep the businesses flowing, against lockdowns, government regulations, restrictions in flights and a host of other challenges.
Consumer market demands also changed dramatically, and many products and services became universally unavailable.
This year, a new upheaval has started. Consumer demand is high, prices are high, inflation is high, and anxiety is high. Global markets are having a meltdown and that is impacting the international managers’ challenges even further.
With all of the above as your basis, research and analyze how international managers can use information technology, and other resources in helping them to manage the challenges in the following areas:
1. Business management strategy
2. Talent management and acquisition issues
3. Corporate and organizational strategy
4. Cultural roadblocks and time zone differences
5. Global Supply Chain Management, product and e-commerce issues
6. Keeping operational costs low, and ensure employees can continue to work productively
7. Mental health issues of isolated employees who may either be Zoomed out, or are reluctant to come to work
Find news articles and global corporate business news to show examples and supplement your assignment.
Your paper should be about 1000 words (3-4 pages) with a good introduction, a strong conclusion, academic basis and real world examples, including bibliography. Use data to provide validation for some of the happenings in the world. Do not exceed the 1000 word count.
The paper should follow the APA guidelines and at a minimum, should have the following:
1 inch margins
Double spaced
12 pt. font size
In-text citations to show resources used
Quotes 40 words of more are indented one tab (or 5 spaces)

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