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For your semester project. you need to create a philosophical argument about a s

For your semester project. you need to create a philosophical argument about a specific topic of interest and your argument will employ a specific philosophical approach. Your argument must be presented in language-based text of some sort that shows the amount of thought, work, time and effort you would need to put into a five-page term paper. You could, of course, just write a five-page term paper, but I want to leave this assignment open to your own intellectual and creative tendencies.
Your project must meet the following requirements:
It must establish and prove an argument within one specific area of philosophy we have studied: education, the nature of being, consciousness of self, gods and belief, awareness of others, governance, ethics, justice, or whatever else we talk about in the final weeks.
It must use at least two of the texts we have read for class as building blocks, support, or counterpoints to the argument. “Use” here means that you provide details from the text that are related to your argument. It does not mean passing, general references.
It must show that you have learned something from PHIL 130.
It must be developed at a sophisticated level, showing the thought and effort required in college coursework.
The work in your text must be equivalent to the work one would put into a five-page term paper for a college class.
It must use proper citation and be created with academic integrity.
Some suggestions:
You can, and probably should, focus your attention on a particular topic within the area you choose. This semester we have looked at many topics such as why we study; how we know our own minds; justifying gods; voting; eating meat, etc.
Start with you. What have you learned? What do you care about? How have your ideas, your thinking, your arguments changed this semester? What caused the change?
Go through your readings journal. What caught your attention? What concerned you? What does your journal show you cared about?
Review the textbook. Rewatch a video. Review your exam. Find ideas in your course material.
Go back through our discussions. What did you get right? What did you get wrong?
Think about a social issue that matters to you. Apply philosophy.
Avoid the internet. I mean–you can use it to find texts or to find evidence, but don’t look up “philosophy project” to find ideas. Plagiarism awaits on that road.
Start now. Don’t wait.

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