Goal Now that you have given some thought to your future career and major, the n

Now that you have given some thought to your future career and major, the n

Now that you have given some thought to your future career and major, the next step is to write a summary of your future goals and an educational plan to accomplish your goals.
Having a clear path to reach your goals can help keep you motivated, save time by taking the right courses, and give you a visual step by step roadmap toward your future success.
You will doing a Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) and Goal Statement.
Write a Goal StatementThis should include your future goals and your plan to achieve them. You may include background or personal information regarding your motivation for choosing your major, career and goal as well as information that was helpful in the development of your plans.
Sample Student Goal StatementsSTEP TWO
Complete your Educational Plan and/or Meet with a Counselor to do your PlanIf you have already met with a counselor, you don’t have to meet with one again. But, make sure you upload your Educational Plan here. In addition to the courses you are currently taking, you will want to list all future semesters until you meet your goal to either transfer or graduate. Here are two types you can download to fill out. You do not have to be a Cuyamaca College student to fill out an Educational Plan. High School students, university students, and/or Grossmont students can all do a CEP that lists the classes they plan on taking each semester until they graduate (degree or certificate) or transfer.
Student Sample Educational Plan
Child Dev Major
Education Plan Templates (use one of these):
One Semester Education PlanLinks to an external site.
Six Semester Education Plan Links to an external site.
Blank Generic CEP (Word Doc)
This is the form we use at Cuyamaca. If you are at another college, please use their form. You can also create your own form. What I am looking for is a semester by semester breakdown with classes you plan to take. Classes can include work experience, internships or part time jobs. This is your educational plan so you put what you plan to do. There is not a wrong way in filling this out, using another college form, or creating your own form.
Reminder: If you are at another college, school or university, use your counseling office at your location and what works best for you in your educational and career planning. You don’t have to make an appointment if you already have an Educational Plan or if you can fill it out on your own!

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