hello i am working in two question (Discussion question ) I attached question b

hello i am working in two question (Discussion question )
I attached question b

hello i am working in two question (Discussion question )
I attached question below and the instruction of question below attached it
the first one is discussion question the need to write 400 words with reference APA 7 edition answer the main discussion question) and give me two explanation of the answer main discussion question each explanation 300 words with 3 reference and the need to reply two student should have reference and citation in paragraphs no plagiarism found this instruction should applied for the main discussion question and explanations and the reply for student I need separate file one for main discussion question and for the reply for student
I need to do instruction below
Note : 1- no any answer should be from any answer from website like ( study pool or course hero)or any other website or artificial intelligence should be from articles this home work submit to check Turnitin and AI contact detector ( AI Text Classifier) found any thing get zero grade
Note 2- provide me in separate file included the of pages for all articles the use it answer the question and put behind each link the number of pages of this article the use it in answer the question
Note : for reference should be citation in text for all file
The steps required in the question three steps ?
1-Answer the main discussion question 400 words with 4 reference ( articles)
2- Two Explanation why chose the answer main discussion 300 words each one with 3 reference ( articles)
3-Reply two student with reference 300 words for each reference( articles )
-4-Reference is very important in discussion question and explantion answer and reply
— citation in paragraph
– no plagiarism found 0%
-Reference should be 7 th APA
Read the Corporate Governance and Executive Misconduct at Wynn Resorts in your textbook on page 303. Then, answer the following three questions: Do you think Steve Wynn’s executive compensation was justified, and why or why not?
Did the board of directors of Wynn Resorts operate according to the principles of good corporate governance, as described in this chapter? Why or why not?
Do you think Wynn Resorts’ institutional and individual shareholders used the rights described in this chapter effectively to protect their interests? Why or why not?
What do you recommend senior executives and the board of Wynn Resorts do now?

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