Here is one thing that needs to be udpated on my paper for it to be mastered. Wo

Here is one thing that needs to be udpated on my paper for it to be
mastered. Wo

Here is one thing that needs to be udpated on my paper for it to be
mastered. Would you pls update my paper and send back.9/29/23 – In
regards to the research methods rubric item, look at it from the
standpoint of informing as to why you are bringing forth a solid
proposal and the recommendations that you are presenting based on a
particular method or set of research methods. For instance, when
searching for products or services, I will oftentimes look at customer
reviews to determine if the product has received 1 or 5 stars. The
reason that I am doing this is because I want to be sure that the
company is reputable or if the product really upholds what it says it
will do.
The same holds true here but instead of the
reviews/stars, what type of methods did you find in the research that
gives your stance credibility? Did you find that research in a
particular area that used case studies supported your recommendations?
Or perhaps you chose to look only at qualitative research that used
perceptions or surveys from a population of people that were impacted by
your challenge and this method supported your stance the best.
I received this back you would pls update
– Mary, this section is not so much about what you will
do or how research is conducted but you should look specifically at the
methods that are used in your research and discuss how these methods
help to examine the topic. For example, if you evaluate a survey or
study then consider the methods used and how it helps to understand the
topic and the issue more effectively. Is the research used more
quantitative or qualitative in nature? How does a qualitative or
quantitative analysis help to examine the challenge. When you were
selecting sources for the topic, why did you feel these were the most
appropriate to examine the issue?
Consider adding a paragraph
that includes more context around your issue and and a detailed
explanation that discusses the research methods of the supporting
sources (qualitative, quantitative, case studies, etc.). In this
explanation, inform on the types of methods that were used, why they are
relevant, credible, and how the sources have used research to address
your challenge. This is not so much about your process, however more
about how the research methods that you considered when you selected the
sources to support your stance.

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