Hi, I am working on my discussion post and I need help citing the article that I

I am working on my discussion post and I need help citing the article that I

I am working on my discussion post and I need help citing the article that I used for the post. my prof is serious about the reference citing at the end and wants in APA 7 format. Please just look at the post and cite the article I used. I need to submit in 30 mins. I used the book and the article but I can cite the book just want you to cite the artilcle.
Article I used: https://bmcnurs.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12912-019-0363-x
My post:
Hi everyone,
CLAS ensures patients from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds receive the best, high-quality care. Utilizing professional interpreters who are trained in medical terminology is one strategy. Avoiding friends or family interpreting anything to patients is crucial because it can lead to miscommunication. This way, patients can understand the care they are receiving. “A large number of culturally diverse patients often present communication challenges for healthcare delivery, especially if sociocultural differences are not completely accepted, appreciated, explored or understood” (CITE ARTICLE). Another strategy is to conduct a cultural assessment. This is extremely important because it gives healthcare providers a better understanding of the patient’s beliefs, values, and customs. This allows nurses to provide care that respects and aligns with patient’s cultural preferences. “This process allows the person to validate, negate, or modify his or her existing cultural knowledge” (CITE BOOK). Nurses can use culturally appropriate materials to ensure patients have a better understanding. This can be done by using visual aids, such as pictures. Nurses can implement the teach-back method, ensuring that patients don’t have any misunderstandings. Lastly, nurses should ensure that patients have access to community resources. They can be involved in community organizing that provides them with extra support. By implementing these strategies, culturally competent nurses can help ensure patients from different backgrounds receive the best care. Utilizing an Interpreter, Conducting cultural assessment, using culturally appropriate materials, and accessing community resources are strategies that a culturally competent nurse can use to ensure that patients who do not speak English and are members of an immigrant group not well represented in the community receive high-quality care.

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