HRM 310 Module Six Assignment Changing Work Environment Guidelines and Rubric Ov

HRM 310 Module Six Assignment Changing Work Environment Guidelines and Rubric

HRM 310 Module Six Assignment Changing Work Environment Guidelines and Rubric
The role of the HR professional is constantly changing. One day may not be the same as the next, and you are expected to pivot, be flexible, and adapt to these changes whether they are caused by internal forces or forces beyond your control. One example is the concept of remote work. Although remote work isn’t new, it is becoming the norm in many workplaces, prompting employers to also pivot, adapt, and be flexible to accommodate the workforce. This may require changing policies and processes and getting creative to motivate and engage employees. Managers will also have concerns when it comes to navigating changes as significant as remote work. HR professionals will be instrumental in guiding and supporting all employees through these changes.
For this assignment, you are an HR professional who is faced with differing requests from employees and managers. You will create two communications, one to address employees’ concerns and one to address management concerns. After you have completed the first step, you will need to justify the responses that you created. Review the following information to guide you as you draft the communications to employees and managers.
Employees: Currently your company has a remote work program on an as-needed basis for each department. The employees must meet with their manager and discuss the need to work remotely. Only short-term remote work arrangements are granted, and these arrangements are usually for a few days at a time. There was an exception to this policy during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when the company was forced to work remotely. Now that the pandemic is under control, employees are returning to the office. A survey conducted by your company showed that employees want more flexibility in their work arrangements, specifically work-from-home options for longer durations of time. Employees felt more engaged and motivated to work, in many cases working longer than their typical eight-hour day. They are unhappy with the return to the office.
Managers: Employees were hired to work onsite, not to work from home for long periods of time. The employer is already providing flexible work arrangements on an as-needed basis. If extended, managers are worried about low productivity and engagement by employees. During the pandemic, some employees were hard to reach when needed during the workday. In addition, managers are unsure how to manage and lead a team in a remote environment while still meeting the goals of the company. Managers understand this is a hot topic in the workforce and would like to find a way to compromise to retain employees.
Specifically, your response must address the following rubric criteria:
Response to Employees: Create a response for employees from the lens of the HR professional.What information is important for employees (non-managers) to hear from Human Resources?
How is your response tailored to employees who now feel a greater sense of leverage?
How do you address the changes needed to work in a remote environment?
Response to Managers: Create a response for managers from the lens of the HR professional.What information is important for managers to hear from Human Resources?
How do you address the changes needed to manage in a remote environment?
What type of support do you provide managers?
Resolving Conflict: Explain how each response helped to resolve conflict for both managers and non-managers.As an HR professional, explain what your goals are in coming to a resolution.
Explain why you feel your response will help resolve the conflict.
Research: Incorporate reputable resources that reflect depth and breadth of research. Consider using Shapiro Library, Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), legal sources, module resources, and trade sources.
What to Submit
Your assignment must be submitted as a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. All sources should be cited according to APA style.

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