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I chose to go with two sources that I feel give a good look at how accounting in

I chose to go with two sources that I feel give a good look at how accounting in

I chose to go with two sources that I feel give a good look at how accounting information systems and artificial intelligence are helping the accounting field. The first source is an article I found on the Forbes website that showcases why artificial intelligence is good thing for CPAs and others in the accounting profession. There are many that wonder if technology is going to take over many of the tasks that humans currently do. The answer to this is yes, but that isn’t a bad thing. The key to using artificial intelligence is to utilize it to do the basic tasks that can be considered mundane or busy work for accountants. Artificial intelligence can take these tasks and process the data quickly and efficiently leaving CPAs and others to dig into the more critical matters. In many cases, it allows the CPA to put more focus on analyzing the information and creating more personalized financial goals. Accountants are trained to understand the financial statements, but some clients need to have the information put into a more basic format that is easily understood to those who don’t have that training. AI can help with that.
The second source is another one that showcases the importance of accounting information systems in business. This particular source puts more focus on why AIS can be helpful to upper management as well as other stakeholders in a business. Many years ago, much of accounting was done using journal ledgers and a 10-key calculator. This would not make it quite as easy to share the financial information with multiple people unless they were all located in one place. In many companies there are stakeholders all over the world so having the ability to send out these financial reports using AIS allows those invested to see things clearly regardless of their geographical location.
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