I have made a 15-hour long video of C with notes the way I have given this video

I have made a 15-hour long video of C with notes the way I have given this video

I have made a 15-hour long video of C with notes the way I have given this video with notes. I hope you like this video. If you don’t know C properly, then I have a 15-hour long video. You must definitely learn this.
When you go for an interview, then the person in front of you will expect C, C++, or Java from you. You must know one of these three languages. You will be taken lightly over there. If you are only a Python and JavaScript programmer, then you will be at a disadvantage. You will still be down in front of a person who knows C, and I have written all these things in notes so you won’t have any problem.
I am telling this from experience. This is also a mindset, and you should do C and not to use Python and to be a programmer who knows it. I have also given their reasons in many more videos. I have said that you have to be careful about it. You have to use it. I’m not to be afraid of it.
If you want to use C and to understand it, it’s not to ignore it. In many of the most important to understand. You need to use the language. You need to understand what you need it. There is no need to be an expert. You should be aware of the problem.
You don’t know that you know that it’s not to make mistakes. You can be very aware of what you’ve got to understand the problem. Don’t be afraid to use a problem. You’re not to get to understand this. It’ll be very careful. It has to be aware that you are aware of it. It’s a very important. It’s a very good thing.
You know that the time complexity is a complex concept of time complexity. The video was created to explore time complexity and other topics in the coming videos.
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The next video will be a time complexity video with notes and video of the time complexity. In the next video also with notes. Therefore, do access it guys. The other video is a time-com complexity video that explores time complexity, time complexity. The same way, I have given that video also with notes.
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