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I have to write my essay with the first or second subject. The essay should incl

I have to write my essay with the first or second subject. The essay should include at least one scholarly source. If you ask for my rubric I can give one to you. Furthermore, the contents of the essay should be based on our lecture or class notes. I can also provide the access to my class if you need them to make my essay. Thank you for your help.
Throughout large parts of their history, both Japan and China (as they are known now as singular countries) have tried to remain isolated. This isolation can be viewed as either : positively, negatively, or a combination of the two. Analyze topics like the reports/ successes/ failures/ treatment of Christian missionaries and other Westerners, the overall views on international trade, and/or the expansionist policies( growth through trade or military) in your answer. For this question, you may pick either China or Japan- OR- you may address both.
Consider the spread of the second empire that we focused on thus far; the (eventual) Ottoman Empire. While the OE was not officially dismantled until 1922 ( after the first World War, where it was frequently known as “the sick man of Europe”), the growth and decline of this Empire has many important features. Trace the importance of this empire using key features like the growth and spread of local trade goods, the importance of Islam in the area, the key leaders that impactied the development of the Empire, and/ or the reasons most associated with the fall of the Ottoman Empire’s dominance.

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