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I just reviewed your rough draft of the term paper one more time and wanted to b

I just reviewed your rough draft of the term paper one more time and wanted to be sure to communicate a couple of points for you to incorporate into your final paper. First, just to reiterate our discussion, it’s imperative that you properly cite your sources. We discussed how the sources you cited weren’t appropriate as they didn’t contain information that substantiated the claims you were making. This is a crucial aspect of academic integrity, so you’ll need to be certain you are appropriately citing your sources in your final draft. The second is that you’ll want to be sure to avoid repeating whole phrases in different sections of the paper. I expect each aspect of your writing to be an original presentation of ideas, so you’ll want to consider each sentence and paragraph to be an opportunity to express new thoughts. You can certainly reiterate or summarize points when appropriate, but it’s in general poor writing form and can be considered self-plagiarism to copy and paste sections of your own work in different places. You should be sure that each sentence and phrase you write for your final paper is original.
The paper attempts to cover a wide variety of factors related to racial discrimination, which is admirable. In general, though, it could use a more clear argument throughout, and there are problems with citation of the literature.
Your temporary grade is a 0 for this assignment. This paper would’ve received a 63 if it were on time and did not need to have the citation issues corrected. I need a 100.

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