I need this to be rewritten to not sound like AI. “Pursuing a Cybersecurity deg

I need this to be rewritten to not sound like AI.
“Pursuing a Cybersecurity deg

I need this to be rewritten to not sound like AI.
“Pursuing a Cybersecurity degree at Old Dominion University (ODU) offers a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance both your academic and professional trajectory. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity principles, including computer system architectures, critical infrastructures, cyber threats, vulnerabilities, cryptography, and network security. This foundational knowledge is complemented by a strong emphasis on practical skills, ensuring that students gain hands-on experience through labs and real-world applications, such as configuring firewalls, conducting penetration testing, and performing forensic investigations.
The interdisciplinary approach of the program, drawing from computer science, engineering, information technology, and criminal justice, equips students with a well-rounded education that addresses both the technical and social dimensions of cybersecurity. Moreover, the program fosters ethical and strategic thinking, preparing students to develop effective cybersecurity policies and understand their ethical implications.
Graduates of the program can translate their education into a variety of career opportunities, including roles as cybersecurity analysts, information security managers, network security engineers, and digital forensics investigators. The practical focus of the program ensures that students are job-ready and equipped to tackle the challenges of the cybersecurity field. Additionally, the entrepreneurial mindset cultivated by the curriculum encourages graduates to pursue innovative ventures such as cybersecurity startups, consulting businesses, and freelance ethical hacking services.
Overall, ODU expects its students to develop strong technical and analytical skills, ethical judgment, and strategic thinking. The university emphasizes practical experience, interdisciplinary learning, and continuous professional development, preparing students for dynamic and impactful careers in cybersecurity. For more detailed information, you can refer to the ODU Cybersecurity program page and their academic catalog. By aligning your portfolio with these goals and expectations, you can effectively demonstrate your readiness for a successful career in the field of cybersecurity.”

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