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I want to specifically focus on the Inuit people’s relationship to the arctic wh

I want to specifically focus on the Inuit people’s relationship to the arctic which the author Barry Lopez details throughout the book. I want to not only delineate the Inuit culture by illustrating how they live, eat, hunt, and survive the extreme temperatures but also compare their relationship with the arctic to that of the European’s relationship, who are attempting to exploit the Arctic for its natural resources.
Thesis: The Inuit people’s deep understanding of the artics ecology enables them to survive the arctics harsh conditions. Their practices are resourceful and sustainable allowing them to make the most out of their available resources without expending them. In contrast, the European voyagers have a much different relationship and outlook on the artic than the Inuit people, as they lack the knowledge surrounding the artics ecology and simply view the arctic as an untapped commodity.
Please create a PowerPoint presentation that showcases the Inuit culture vs European imperialism that the book describes and illustrates my thesis above. Please include images.
Please use the following sources and any additional sources needed

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