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I work for a Mortgage Company and an Underwriting Manager. The name of the compa

I work for a Mortgage Company and an Underwriting Manager. The name of the company I work for is Open Mortgage and the website is www.openmortgage.com
1. Please describe each of the following about your current company/organization (Note – if currently not working, please use most recent job.)
a. Industry
b. Company headquarters location
c. Total number of employees (estimate)
d. Your work location
e. Your role (type of work, e.g., functional area)
f. Are you an individual contributor, first, mid-, or senior manager, or C-suite executive/owner?
2. A strategically aligned talent management system impacts overall business strategy and integrates multiple people processes (recruiting, performance management, talent review and development, compensation, etc.), but sometimes TM systems are not transparent.
a. Describe the talent management system at your organization
b. How are you engaged in TM? Note that even if you do not have subordinates or direct reports, you can be personally engaged in TM through your own career.
Deliverable: main answer post to be posted on the discussion board
Formatting: please number your responses to correspond to the numbering used in the questions
Proofreading: please carefully proofread and edit your posting for typos, grammar, and clarity

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