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I’m going to give you a brief over view of what the flexpath is: What is FlexPat

I’m going to give you a brief over view of what the flexpath is:
What is
In a
FlexPath program you earn your degree or certificate by demonstrating that you
can perform your program’s competencies rather than by accumulating credits or
spending time in class. (Competencies are the knowledge, skills, abilities, and
professional attributes relevant to success in your chosen field.) You’ll do
that by completing course assignments, called assessments, designed to allow
you to demonstrate competencies.
As a
FlexPath learner, you’ll work at your own pace – within certain parameters, completing
as many courses as you can (within a billing session) at a pace that is
comfortable for you but allows you to progress steadily. If you already know
the subject matter well and can move swiftly through, go ahead! But if you find
that you need more time to learn the material, you have it. FlexPath gives you
the flexibility to set your own target dates and deadlines for completing each
course assessment.
Some info about myself that will help. I’m a nurse of 10 years i’m a travel nurse i work with Psychiatric patients and I’m a single mother. I’m on a budget and paying out of pocket to get program done. Flexpath is ideal for my busy schedule. I work nights also.
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