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Imagine yourself as a healthcare administrator for a large healthcare facility •

Imagine yourself as a healthcare administrator for a large healthcare facility
• You need to create an infection control program and training program for your facility
• This will be a general infection control to include all aspects of infection control—not just
Covid! The plan should include guidelines, information and procedures for providing
optimal infection control practices.
• The training program should be described and your plan to implement and monitor the
success of the program. The program and training should highlight current best
practices and demonstrate how the new program will adhere to state and national the
rules and regulations in place for healthcare facility infection control.
• Begin your research:
– https://www.cdc.gov/infectioncontrol/index.html
– https://www.aha.org/infection-control/home
– https://www.osha.gov/healthcare
• Details:
– Think of yourself as implementing a new policy for your healthcare organization—
what will this policy cost in terms of time and human resources?
– The PowerPoint should be easy to understand and include charts, graphs, pictures
to visually depict the points you are making– use bullet points for text.
– Do not use speaker notes!!! All text should be ON the slide.
– The presentation should include at least 15 slides and include at least 3 references
properly cited using in-text APA citation on the slide where you are citing that
source and a reference slide at the end of the presentation.
– Use in-text citations on the slides and then a “References” slide at the end.

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