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In chapter nineteent (19) of the text, Doweiko outlines the “hidden faces of che

In chapter nineteent (19) of the text, Doweiko outlines the “hidden faces of chemical
dependency.” He explores alcoholism/drug addiction in special populations, including:
women, the elderly, African Americans, Native Americans, and gay, lesbian, and
bisexual individuals.. (Please see text attachment)
Write a 5-7 page research paper that demonstrates an awareness of and ability to
articulate the impact of substance use disorders in a special population. You may use the
text, additional required readings and other material distributed in class as resources,
however you must demonstrate that you conducted outside research to complete this
assignment. A minimum of five outside references must be cited. All sources used as a
reference or referred to must be cited according to APA guidelines.
Papers must include, at a minimum, the following information related to addiction and
special populations:
1) Scope of the problem. Statistical information about the prevalence of substance
use disorders for this population
2) Substance use patterns and signs/symptoms of addiction that are specific to this
3) Factors that influence the rate of substance use disorders in this population
4) Barriers to identification and treatment of substance use disorders
5) Special treatment needs
6) Strategies for engaging and retaining the substance abuser in treatment
You will be asked to summarize the key points in your paper during class.

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