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In groups, you are required to present an analysis of the NFT Art that has becom

In groups, you are required to present an analysis of the NFT Art that has become viral based on the analysis persuasive technologies, computational linguistics, and artificial intelligence methods.
In your presentation, you are going to discuss this emerging societal trend and why it’s happened, based on class your analysis of psychology and consumer behavior, and relationship between media and technology, and its ability to shift cultures.
Organize yourselves in groups of four.
Each group will submit a power point presentation, minimum of 15 slides.
You are required to do a presentation in class, within several stages.
1. Stage 1: you will be presentation with your groups. A number of questions will be asked to you, each member of the group will have to answer one question
2. Stage 2: You will be asked to switch into different group where you will be set into new groups, that will get into a debate that I will be orchestrating based on the discussions emerging
3. Stage 3: Be ready for any surprise
The main points to tackle are the impact of NFTs on the below areas
1. How is NFT influencing the art scene, where new type of arts has emerged
2. NFT, creating a new market bubble, a new art market
3. How the critical mass in society is formulated, that is leading into creating trends in NFT art
4. How NFT is affecting the job market for artists
5. How is NFT redefining talents in arts, is it a matter of technical knowledge or a matter of talent in arts?
6. How NFT is influencing consumer behavior in arts
7. How can NFT be used for digital activism. Choose a topic and explain very briefly how could NFT be a digital activism tool.
8. What would you anticipate out of the NFT arts, in another meaning, what do you expect would happen next in the NFT art industry.
It is not a difficult assignment, it is an enjoyable ride as you will be learning lot while preparing.
Make sure you come to class prepared and ready for some fun questions!

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