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In this discussion, readi chapter 20, the links on “The Benefits and Risks of pr

In this discussion, readi chapter 20, the links on “The Benefits and Risks of producing pharmaceutical proteins in plants” and “The future of healthcare” Then watch the video on “How Dangerous are GM foods?” Answer 2 of the following questions and indicate which questions you are answering:
Several science organizations throughout the world, including the World Health Organization, find genetically modified crops to be safe for consumption. Proponents of GMOs say that farmers who grow these crops are able to use fewer environmentally damaging pesticides. This increases yields of GMO crops and are essential to feeding the world’s growing population and are safe to eat. However, critics say farmers growing GMO crops have increased the use of herbicides. Please share your thoughts and supporting evidence on this topic. What are the advantages/disadvantages of growing GMOs and are there other considerations that we should be aware of?
Biopharming, also known as plant molecular farming, is the use of genetically modified plants to produce a wide range of pharmaceuticals and industrial products to treat cancer, inflammatory diseases and other life-threatening or debilitating conditions.Links to an external site. However, these pharmaceuticals impose some threats to the environment and human well-being. Please share your thoughts on the concept of Biopharming and support your claims with evidence.
If GMOs and Biopharming are the way of the future- they could stop hunger, malnutrition, infections, and diseases . What are some of the risk factors of these practices and health benefits? Is there a way of protecting and improving the betterment of mankind?
Another valuable resource is a documentary King Corn.

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