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Instructions: 5 page Reflection Paper APA style, to include cover page, abstract

Instructions: 5 page Reflection Paper APA style, to include cover page, abstract page, and reference page (NOT COUNTED IN 5 PAGE LENGTH)
As you begin to write your reflection paper, incorporate the answers to these questions into your paper:
1.Identify all the persuasive techniques you recognize during the debate versus Paul Quinn College.
2.. How does Samantha Booke appeal to the logic of her audience during her speech?
3.. The opposition (white debater) accounts a personal example and a quote from whom during this portion of the debate?
4.. How does Henry Lowe refute the opposition?
5. Read the following excerpt and underline all the instances that Samantha uses repetition. “As long as schools are segregated Negroes will receive an education that is both separate and unequal. By Oklahoma’s own reckoning, the state is currently spending five times more for the education for a white child than it is fitting to educate a colored child. That means better textbooks for that child than for that child. I say that’s a shame, but my opponent says today is not the day for whites and coloreds to go o the same college, to share the same campus, to walk into the same classroom…well, would you kindly tell me when that day is gonna come? Is it going to come next week? In a hundred years? Never? No, the time for justice, the time for freedom, and the time for equality is always, is always right now!” What is the effect of the repetition? Name at least one additional technique Miss Booke uses in her speech? Give examples.
6. What were some of the overall techniques the debaters used to hook their audience? List as many as possible.
7. How did the “audience” influence the Wiley Debaters’ approach?
8. What types of support did the debaters use to defend their position? List as many as possible.
9. How would you describe the language and vocabulary the debaters used in the film? Speculate how language and vocabulary influences the art of persuasion.
10. Analyze why the Wiley Debaters were so successful. Be specific and detailed by giving support from the film.

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