Instructions: Complete the following assignment using your textbook and suppleme

Instructions: Complete the following assignment using your textbook and suppleme

Instructions: Complete the following assignment using your textbook and supplementary materials in Canvas (recorded Zoom sessions, notes, and any other material uploaded). You must cite the textbook as a source, including the chapter and page number. Be as specific as possible in answering the questions. Provide details. Do NOT use a chatbot or internet searches to complete the assignment. Not adhering to instructions could lead to a grade of zero.
A. Cohort Study Design
In the dynamic landscape of collegiate life, the interplay between lifestyle choices and mental well-being is a subject of growing interest. The University’s student health services unit proposes a study to unravel the potential association between caffeine intake and testing anxiety among undergraduate students, shedding light on a crucial aspect of their academic experience. Suppose that you have been hired by university student health services to design a prospective cohort study to assess the following hypothesis among undergraduate students: Limiting caffeine intake is associated with reduced testing anxiety among college students.
Be sure that your design addresses the following elements:
Refine the study hypothesis to be as specific as possible and contain all elements of a “good” hypothesis.
How will you find and recruit participants?
Are there any exclusion criteria that you would apply?
Will the study be retrospective or prospective?
How will you define the exposure of interest?
How will you collect the information on exposure?
How will you define the unexposed condition?
How will you define the outcome?
How will you collect information on testing anxiety?
How often will subjects be evaluated/followed?
What other information do you want to know about participants that may be related to the exposure of interest and/or the outcome (potential confounders)? What will you be able to collect, and what will you be unable to collect?
Which measures of disease frequency and association will you calculate?
What are the strengths and limitations of your study?
What limitations could be removed by using a different study design?
What other information would you like to know to design this study?

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