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Instructions for Common Myth Paper In this course, students will be required to

Instructions for Common Myth Paper
In this course, students will be required to prepare a two-page paper that addresses some preconceived idea concerning human psychology that the student believes upon entering the class (see topic choices below). In this paper, the student will discuss the evidence, which will consist primarily of empirical studies, that either supports or refutes this idea. As part of this discussion, students should address the principles addressed in the empirical data, the ways that these principles were tested, and how the results apply to the established (or preconceived) principle. In addition, the students will discuss the relevance of this knowledge to general society and how such knowledge might be used for bettering the social (or human) condition. In preparing this paper, students will be expected to follow proper principals of grammar and syntactic structure so as to demonstrate appropriate communication skills.
Topic Choices:
Some people are left-brained, others are right-brained.
Playing Mozart’s music to infants boosts their intelligence.
Human memory works like a tape recorder or video camera, and accurately records events we’ve experienced.
Hypnosis is useful for retrieving memories of forgotten events.
Intelligence (IQ) tests are biased against certain groups of people.
Students learn best when teaching styles are matched to their learning styles.
People can learn information, like new languages, while asleep.
The polygraph (“lie detector”) test is an accurate means of detecting dishonesty.
We are mostly romantically attracted to people who differ from us (opposites attract).
The more people that are present, the greater chance that someone will intervene to help another person.
It is better to express anger to others than to hold it in.
Raising children similarly leads to similarities in their adult personalities.
Low self-esteem is a major cause of psychological problems.
Our handwriting reveals our personality traits.
Only deeply depressed people commit suicide.
Psychiatric hospital admissions and crimes increase during full moons.
Parents who talk to their infants in “baby talk” slow down their language development.
Marital satisfaction increases after having children.
Other: Must clear it with the instructor
Content: You will discuss
The psychological preconception and some general information about it possibly where or how the myth originated; as well as the relevance or influence the preconception has on society or individuals.
The empirical evidence that deals with the topic of choice (at least 2 empirical studies published in credible sources)
How the evidence proves or refutes the preconceived idea
Evidence: Original empirical studies published in credible sources (i.e. peer-reviewed scholarly journals)
For each study, explain:
The principles addressed in the study (the main theory or concept that the study is based on)
The ways that these principles were tested (the procedure/method used in the study)
How the results apply to the above principle (how the study supports or refutes your preconception)
Formatting of the paper:
Font:12-pt Times New Roman
Margins and spacing: 1” margins all around, double-spaced, indented paragraphs (5 spaces)
Title page: Title of paper, your name, course number, date (all centered)
Body of paper: Center the title at the top of the second page, one double-space, then begin your paper
References: use APA style for in-text citations and the sources are listed on the Reference page
Template: use the template and make sure to read it as it will help guide you through your paper.
This is an empirical research paper. You are NOT reporting on your personal thoughts or feelings about the preconception or the literature dealing with it. You are only reporting the research and the evidence about the psychological preconception. You should not be quoting everything, keep quotes to a minimum if at all. Rely on paraphrasing throughout your paper.
How long does the paper have to be? LONG ENOUGH to include the required content (at least 2pgs.)
Tips on writing, grammar, punctuation, etc: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/
APA style: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/05/
Writing center in Hall of Languages: http://web.tamuc.edu/academics/colleges/humanities SocialSciencesArts/departments/literatureLanguages/writingCenter/default.aspx
Academic Success Center:
Plagiarism: The most important is Academic Integrity. To encourage YOU to write the very best paper YOU could write. I will be utilizing the website/program called Turn It In. When you submit your paper, the website will process through your paper and compare it to hundreds of thousands of other papers that have been submitted… INCLUDING YOUR FELLOW CLASSMATES!!!! Hopefully this will not be an issue for my classes, because I know you all would never plagiarize or cheat in any way shape or form. HOWEVER, just so I make myself clear. If I consider ANY portion of your paper to be plagiarized, you will receive a ZERO for this assignment.

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