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Instructions– Response Posts: Steps to success 1. These are not so much support

Response Posts: Steps to success
1. These are not so much support

Response Posts: Steps to success
1. These are not so much supportive, empathetic responding. This is professional critique and response to what your colleague has shared. This is about your professional role as a consultant. References for your feedback are encouraged and reflect your ability to articulate your position from a well-supported position.
2. Use headings: based on the bulleted prompts of the Discussion (the rubric asks for both following directions and peer response. Consider these points as part of the directions of the assignment in addition to what is listed in your peers post or the Professor’s question.
3. Think about application- How can you or how did you “apply” your feedback. Try to provide an illustrative example.
4. Need to be factual and thoughtful—that is they should refer to the week’s readings, relevant issues in the news, information obtained from other sources, and/or ideas expressed in other class members’ postings.
5. Think about how professionally useful your response is… does the response stimulate discussion? Does the response encourage the individual to consider a different point of view or a different way to get to the same answer?
6. Ask a question: Use this as an opportunity to invite your colleague into a professional discussion. This can be easily incorporated into your response and allows your colleagues an opportunity to give you feedback as well.
Title: Engaging Feminist Theory in Social Work Practice
Discussion Prompt#1
Feminist theory has been instrumental in social work practice for a long time. What does feminist social work practice look like to you?
Please reply to peer Tracy post–
Title: Addressing Masculinity in Practice
Discussion Prompt#2
Until recently, little attention in social work has been given to addressing issues related to masculinity in social work practice. What are some skills and strategies that you consider to be important for social workers in engaging boys and men?
Please reply to peer Nicole’s post–
Title: Death and Dying in the Western World
Discussion Prompt #3
In Western society, death and dying is often feared or ignored. Why is this? As social work professionals, what diverse aspects of death and dying could we integrate into our practices to help clients feel more comfortable with addressing death and dying?
Please reply to peer Amber–

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