Instructions Narrative therapy is based on the assumption that we create persona

Narrative therapy is based on the assumption that we create persona

Narrative therapy is based on the assumption that we create personal stories—or narratives—using the discourses available to us in our social world. These stories often reflect and intertwine with the cultural meanings that we give to various life events. In this assignment, you will be examining the meanings underlying individuals’ narratives and how narrative therapy’s theoretical ideas and methodological techniques can be useful for therapists working with special populations—particularly women who identify as substance-using offenders with histories of multiple criminal convictions.
You will begin by reading the peer-reviewed academic journal article, “Narrative Identity Development and Desistance From Illegal Behavior Among Substance-Using Female Offenders: Implications for Narrative Therapy and Creating Opportunity” (located in FSCJ’s Learning Commons Library). You will then summarize the main findings of this research article in two pages and reflect on what you read in two pages. Your paper will be a total of four pages, double-spaced. Be sure to apply some of the related concepts that you have learned about in the text, describing how the journal article connects to the course and any other relevant topics. In addition to highlighting key terms and concepts, you will point out the methodological and theoretical strengths and weaknesses that you can identify in the research article using terms and ideas from your textbook and the journal article. You will also want to briefly identify and assess other possible interventions that could be implemented, besides narrative therapy, for issues associated with crime, substance abuse, or deviance. To promote critical thinking, you will create one discussion question. Include this question at the end of page four in your reflection paper. This discussion question can be general, for example, a basic question about a topic in the article that stood out to you. Alternatively, you can ask a question that connects the article’s topic to current events or something else you have read about in this course or another human services-related course.
All assignments must be submitted through the online course for grading. This assignment requires a file upload submission. After you have reviewed the assignment instructions and rubric, as applicable, complete your submission by selecting the Submit Assignment button next to the assignment title. Browse for your file and remember to select the Submit Assignment button below the file to complete your submission. Review the confirmation annotation that presents after submission.

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