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Instructions Suppose you are the marketing manager for a local company intereste

Suppose you are the marketing manager for a local company interested in expanding its product line. For example, you work for a chain of restaurants which currently offers mid-priced lunches and dinners. Your CEO thinks it would be a good idea to offer breakfast in some markets. Design a 10-question survey to assess the interest of 10 people in your network. (You can use the free tool on Survey Monkey Create a Free Account.) Try to get as broad a demographic representation as possible. Graphic representations of your results will be necessary; do not just talk about it-show the audience the outcomes as you as presenting.
Prepare a presentation for your CEO (min 10 survey responses) following the below outline.
your research questions;
the number of people surveyed;
your findings based on the responses
recommendations to the CEO.
Submission Requirements:
Submit your response as a video or narrated Powerpoint presentation (10 minutes max) incorporating graphics to illustrate your survey results.
Important Note: Do not use your BC or your personal credentials while creating an account to complete this assignment. Use a “throwaway” account to protect your privacy.
Support your response with concepts from the assigned reading plus other appropriate sources. Use in-text citations to identify the source of every idea that comes from your sources. You will earn credit only for your own original work (paraphrase, do not quote). There is no credit for quoted content. Please keep in mind that using any quoted content without properly identifying it as such will result in a zero for the Assignment. See Quoting and Paraphrasing for an explanation of the difference between paraphrasing and plagiarism. Let your instructor know if you have any questions about this fundamental rule of scholarship.
Due Date
Jun 8, 2022 11:59 PM
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