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INSTRUCTIONS This is an individual exam – there is no collaboration permitted un

This is an individual exam – there is no collaboration permitted under any circumstance.
Any plagiarism or similar content between students’ assignments will be considered as a breach of academic integrity standards of the University and will be treated as such.
This is a take-home, open book, short answer assignment.
This document and the corresponding TurnItIn dropbox are posted on EClass.
Students must type their answers into this document and upload this document to the TurnItIn portal for this assignment on EClass.
Students must answer all questions.
Each answer must be no more than 400-500 words in length. Students must indicate the word count for each answer. Content that surpasses 400-500 words will not be considered.
In-text citations and references are not required.
All answers must be based solely on course content (including lectures, readings, multimedia).
Quotations are not permitted – quotes will not be read or graded.
All answers must be in academic, paragraph style writing. Informal writing is not permitted.
Personal opinion or reflection is not permitted and will not be read or graded.
Each of five questions will be graded out of 6 for a total of 30 marks.
Students must demonstrate clear engagement with course content and must provide specific examples from readings, lectures, and videos/documentaries.
Students must not repeat any content between questions. Any repeated content will not be considered.
Remember: look for themes and common concepts across lectures to answer these questions.
—-end of instructions—-

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