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Integrated Delivery System/Network Field Report Instructions The culmination of

Integrated Delivery System/Network
Field Report Instructions
The culmination of the project will be a 10–15-page field report covering one specific Integrated Delivery System/Network (IDN) delivered via a paper submission. The intent of the project is to familiarize you with IDNs by having you construct a comprehensive field report of a specific IDN, using research data you acquire through Internet based research. You may utilize public research sources and are highly encouraged to use the UHCL library. The UHCL Library contains specific business databases and resources which will be of great benefit for this type of research. The vast majority of the relevant library resources are available online for the student. The final paper should follow the structure below.
Field Report scenario details:
1. You are working as a research analyst in a consulting company. The consulting company has been engaged to gather, compile, and report detailed information about a specific IDN. The latest assignment you’ve received requests a field report to be developed about a specific IDN. You are free to pick the IDN that is the focal point of the field report. I’ve also provided a spreadsheet with a select list of IDNs for you to consider. When choosing an IDN consider the following:
a. IDNs that are of interest to you personally
b. IDN where you have working knowledge or experience
c. IDNs that have robust online information for research
2. Once you have chosen the IDN to research, the field report must follow the recommended structural outline below, at minimum. Depending on the context and environment of the chosen IDN, you may need to add additional content:
a. General description of the IDN
b. General history of the IDN
c. History of mergers and acquisitions
d. Recent news events or issues of the IDN
e. Services provided by the IDN, as well as scope and reach of the IDN
f. The executive management team of the IDN
g. Stakeholders of the IDN
h. How the IDN is structurally organized
i. How the IDN approaches their mission in healthcare (this may be the most robust
j. Executive Summary Section: You are required to provide an executive
management summary section of the research steps, research sources, compiled data, and research findings. This summary should be robust yet succinct enough for an executive manager to quickly read and understand the scope of the chosen IDN.
k. Reflection Section: You are required to reflect upon the project and describe (as if you are describing it to the instructor) how the project clarified the course material, what you learned from your research, and how the project could be applied to actual work scenarios.
Final deliverable specific directions
• The assignment will be submitted as a MS Word document through a Blackboard assignment link following APA 7 format guidelines. The paper must be between 10 to 15 pages, excluding the title page, abstract, TOC, and references. In text citations for all references are required. If you use tables or figures, those items must follow APA 7 format guidelines.
• Current APA 7 format for all elements of the paper o Title Page
o Abstract
o Table of Contents o Student Content o References
▪ Textbook
▪ Internet sources (websites, articles, etc…)

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