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Introduction: Describes age Describes gender identification Describes race/eth

Describes age
Describes gender identification
Describes race/ethnicity
Describes religious preference
Discusses how patient came to realize they had
Disease Process:
Describes type of cancer
Discusses body part(s) affected
Treatment Process:
Etiology of this cancer described (cites textbook)
Customary Screening process(es) for this cancer
described (cites textbook)
Describes how your client was screened for this
Psycho-Social-Sexual- & Religious & Economic impact:
Discusses psychologic impact on client
Discusses impact on sexuality
Discusses sociologic impact on client/family
Discusses economic and financial issues: examples:
in regards to pharmacy, insurance, employment/underemployment, and transportation to appointments to care provider
Following APA 6th edition format, write a 3-4-page (excluding cover page and refence list)
 No more than 30% of your paper can be direct quotes.
 Be sure you have a cover page
 An introductory paragraph, cover all the above elements below and a conclusion
 Use in-text referencing (No Footnotes)
 Reference page
 The patient/client may be real (only identify by initials) or case study (all must be
approved by course instructor)
An abstract is NOT required. Utilize a minimum of three (3) appropriate outside sources or references
(i.e. nursing books/journals/Medscape). Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate source
1. Watch out for plagiarism – this will earn you 0 grade.

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