Introduction This assignment is designed to provide you with an opportunity to a

This assignment is designed to provide you with
an opportunity to a

This assignment is designed to provide you with
an opportunity to apply data results and analysis to an evaluation of
your intervention outcomes. All comprehensive school counseling programs
are expected to be evidence based and data driven.
For this
assignment, you will be able to be a little bit creative and improvise
as needed. You will use real datasets, but you are not expected to run
an actual intervention. Instead, you get an opportunity to imagine you
ran the best evidence-based intervention and that it worked. Your
students gained academically!
How you decide to show your
measurements is up to you. For example, if you want to say you used pre-
and post-test assessments or if you decide to review data over multiple
years, you get to decide what would be best for your goals and your
program. You may want to keep it realistic, as this will be expected of
you as a school counselor, but you can have some fun with this part of
the assignment.
For this assignment:
Explain the need for program evaluation in a CSCP. This will take about one page to write.
how you decided to implement the school counseling evidence-based
interventions (i.e., the school counseling core curriculum lesson(s) and
one additional evidence-based intervention) that addressed academic
outcomes. For example, for the core curriculum component, was your
intervention conducted in a single lesson or across a series of lessons?
How many students were involved? For your additional intervention, if
you decided to intervene with small group counseling, how often did you
meet with the students, for how long, and with what expected outcome?
This will take about one page to write. Remember, you are creating some
information for this section as if you actually conducted the
interventions in a school setting.
Describe the evaluation plan
that you will use to show the effectiveness of your program. This
section should go beyond a general definition of why program evaluation
is important. Instead, it should specifically describe the way in which
data will be used to measure effectiveness for the interventions you
proposed. You should include definitions and specific examples of
process, perception, and outcome data you will incorporate in your
program evaluation.
Organize and review your data. Consider
trends, increases, decreases, gender disparities, changes in scores, and
so forth (see page 91 of your Facilitating Evidence-Based, Data-Driven School Counseling text). For example, you might use an Excel spreadsheet with either real data or data from a source provided in the Facilitating Evidence-Based, Data-Driven School Counseling
text. Play around with this part of the assignment, as it will help
prepare you for your final assignment in Week 9. The more you practice
working with data now, the better off you will be for Week 9.
the school counseling intervention based on your selected data. For
example, how many students were served? What was their perception of
change? What was the outcome on their academic goals? Again, you may
invent school demographics and population data. This last step will take
between one and two pages to write.
Note: Remember to carefully review the grading criteria before you begin the assignment.
Assignment Requirements
Your assignment should meet the following requirements:
Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA format: Resources and citations should follow current APA style and formatting.
Length of assignment: 4–6 pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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