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Introduction Throughout the term, this course has focused on the concepts of in

Throughout the term, this course has focused on the concepts of
individual rights as protected under the Bill of Rights, as well as the
role of the legal system and its unrelenting pursuit of social order and
justice for all. Each concept balances the other to ensure that rules,
institutions, and public initiatives can be executed in a standardized
and judicious manner for the benefit of a civilized society.
Read Chapter 1, “Law: The Legal Battlefield,” in your textbook.
Write a 5–7 page paper in which you:
Explain the difference between informal and formal social
controls on the legal system and the pros and cons of judicial activism.
Explain the importance of, and differences between, substantive
and procedural law and how each keeps the adversarial system in balance
to protect individual rights and social order.
Analyze the key differences between criminal law, civil law, and administrative law and the burden of proof for each.
Research a criminal case, a civil case, and an administrative
case that helps clarify how each plays a role in society and social
order today.
Support your writing with at least three credible, relevant, and appropriate academic sources.
Write in an articulate and well-organized manner that is
grammatically correct and free of spelling, typographical, formatting,
and/or punctuation errors.

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