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Investigate and prepare to report on the following points: 1. So far in your inv

Investigate and prepare to report on the following points:
1. So far in your investigation you have found that there are forms available, but there is no formal procedure/process that the supervisors are following for completing performance appraisals. So, you now need to implement one. Design a procedure and a flowchart that you can use to review the expected formal performance appraisal process with the supervisors. These documents will be included with your final report as appendices.
2. This part of the assignment can be completed in question-and-answer format and will be included in your final report to the CEO as an appendix. Use one of the two performance appraisals provided to answer the following questions:
a. Is the measurement scale used in this appraisal process an appropriate system of measurement?
b. Are the performance factors (criteria) being used objective or subjective?
c. Are the expectations for each performance criterion observable?
d. Is the performance criterion clearly related to the employee’s performance? Will the employee know what they need to do to meet the performance criterion listed?
e. Will the employee know how well they are meeting the criterion on an ongoing basis?
f. Is employee performance clearly documented so that appropriate performance intervention can be determined?
g. Are there provisions for both training and development interventions on the form?
h. Does the use of the form eliminate rater bias?
Now that your investigation is complete, write a 750 report for the CEO arguing for the changes you want to
implement to the performance appraisal process.

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