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Japan and the Demographic Cliff With the world on an upward trend to overpopulat

Japan and the Demographic Cliff
With the world on an upward trend to overpopulation by the year 2050, it is concerning that one of the world’s leading economies is shrinking in its workforce yearly. Japan is shrinking in population, with more of its citizens living longer, the elderly are starting to outnumber it younger citizens. More people are living longer then dying, than are being born. Since 2008 Japans’s population has decreased by over a million. However this information was not surprising as demographers have been predicting this trend . Research shows that the more technologically and industrially developed a nation is, the more likely its reproduction rates decrease. Japan leads the world in biotechnology, nanotechnology and renewable energy. With these advancements means its workforce works long hours and likely to do not have time to cultivate social relationships. The Japans economy is one of the healthiest in the world , a shrinking workforce and a downward turn in the economy can have serious ramifications for the rest of the world. Trailing behind China and the United States respectively ,Japan currently ranks third in Gross Domestic Product, and is the fourth largest exporter of goods throughout the world. Japan is the second largest producer of cars in the world, and the United States depends heavily on technology and automotive imports from Japan. Only China imports more cars from Japan than the U. S. The U. S. depends heavily on Japan for other services as well, in 2021 Japan exported over forty billion dollars in optical , technical devices, and medical apparatuses.Japan is also a huge producer of iron, steel, plastics, organic chemicals, gems, precious metals ,copper .and refined petroleum. The relationship between United States and Japan is mutually beneficial as Japan imports many goods from the U.S.including: wood, paper, minerals and oils, air and spacecraft, edible fruits,seed and grain, meat , fish and other seafood. In addition to the United States the Asian market depends greatly on the stability and profitability of the Japanese economy. Second only to China , Japan is a pillar in the Asian market and economy and its viability depends significantly on these two countries . Therefore its seems the entire world has a vested interest in Japan figuring out its population dilemma.

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