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Length: 2500 words including in-text references but excluding a reference list,

Length: 2500 words including in-text references but excluding a reference list,

Length: 2500 words including in-text references but excluding a reference list, tables, figures and appendices (+/- 10% margin)
Descriiption: For the final phase of your research report, you are required to write a 2500-word paper that presents the findings of your research project; offers a critical discussion of these findings; and provides a conclusion that summarises the main insights gained from your research. You may choose to combine the findings and discussion sections in your final report.
In the findings section, you should provide a descriiptive summary of the key results of your analysis. For content analysis, this might include tables and/or graphs that visually summarise your findings. For interviews and discourse analysis, you might include key quotations from your data or highlight common patterns or themes that emerged.
The discussion section is your opportunity to analyse and interpret the significance of your findings in relation to your research question and topic area. Do your findings lend further support to previous research in this area, or do they perhaps highlight new trends or developments? Is there anything unexpected or surprising about your results? What new insights do they provide about the problem or topic you are researching? You should support your discussion with evidence and examples drawn from the data you have collected and analysed. You should also connect your discussion back to some of the issues and themes raised in your literature review.
Your report should end with a brief conclusion that summarises and highlights the significance or main contribution of your research; identifies areas for future research; and (if applicable) reflects on any significant methodological limitations.
A note on structure: Your report should begin with a brief introductory paragraph that outlines your topic and research question/s and briefly summarises your chosen method. You should assume that your reader does not have your previous assignments on hand, so you should aim to provide enough context to ensure your reader is able to quickly grasp the main focus and purpose of your research. Also please remember to give your report a title that reflects your research topic.
Your report will be assessed on the following criteria:
Findings – the degree to which the major findings of the project have been clearly identified, summarised and presented;
Discussion – the degree to which the report engages critically with research findings and offers an informed discussion of their significance in relation to the research question and previous research, and identifies the key scholarly insights gained from the project; Interpretation and analysis – the degree to which the analysis has been carried out in a systematic and rigorous scholarly manner, in accordance with academic norms and protocols for the chosen method. The degree to which claims made about the meaning or significance of the findings are clearly supported by the available evidence;
Understanding – the degree to which the report demonstrates understanding of the theoretical concepts and ideas under discussion;
Structure – the degree to which the report follows a clear and logical structure, with well-structured paragraphs and a proper introduction and conclusion;
Style and presentation, citations and reference list – the degree to which the report uses correct grammar, is free from spelling and typographical errors, is clearly written overall and uses appropriate academic language; and the degree to which the report correctly cites and acknowledges the source of all non-original material, uses a consistent referencing style throughout and includes a complete and well-presented reference list.

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