LINK TO WEBSITE: How to critique the Websites: The format o

How to critique the Websites: The format o

How to critique the Websites: The format or questions to address in the report are as follows: Explore the website. Name the site and summarize its content, links, apparent intent, and what one can learn from it. Is this a government (.gov), commercial (.com), not for profit (.org), educational (.edu), or some other type of site? Cite any evidence of bias or reliability or bi-partisanship. Identify who would benefit from using, browsing, or analyzing this site. Identify job positions or categories of employees or advocacy groups and other stakeholders and organizations, associations, etc. that would benefit from the site. How will they benefit? If you have used this site before or are otherwise familiar with it, cite how you used it and what value it had. If new to it, cite what value you forecast it could have. Assess its overall usefulness. How can the site be used to address, be informed about, or help resolve issues in healthcare or human services? List the kinds of research, on-the-job questions, and current issues that can be addressed with the current information on the site or by continuing to use it. What additional information or other improvements would you add to this site to help it achieve what it states as its purpose or appears to have as its reason for existence? What should be added, modified, or deleted, and why? See where else this site leads you. Summarize and follow a few of its links. How useful were they? What relation do they have to this site? What are the connections? Is there a theme or a slant on this site? Is there a position or agenda? Consider the theme or agenda this site may have politically, philosophically, or commercially? Does it promote memberships? Are they free or is there a fee for individuals or organizations? Does the site accept donations or funding and does that affect its objectivity or character? Discuss any other interesting findings you make on this site.

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