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Look at the meaning of death from the perspective of a culture different than yo

Look at the meaning of death from the perspective of a culture different than your own. ( Other than Mexican American because that’s what I am) Describe how people from that culture grieve and mourn. Provide three examples of mourning practices from the chosen culture. Could these practices be helpfully added to practice at (1) micro and (2) mezzo level?
Students will write a 2-3-page research paper on the topic ABOVE. This reflection and research paper must contain specific detail of the course material read this week, with concrete information, all supported with evidence and proof from the text and at least two other relevant academic materials. The paper should also indicate and state how this topic can directly affect practice. This paper is due as per course outline listed in the link. The reflection should be submitted as Microsoft Word document, and be formatted according to APA 7th edition (with headings/subheadings). In all, three or more references are required.
Please remember that the determining your understanding and grasp of the material means that you take what you learn and apply it. Application involves putting material/concept/theory in use for a particular purpose, appropriate it with examples, bring it to surface, bring up its relevance, its helpfulness, compare it to other concepts, compare it to standards, judge it and invest critical thinking to assist your discussion. These and more are ample ways to apply material and demonstrate understanding. Rephrasing of the text does not demonstrate understanding.Think about how you would explain, describe, or discuss a topic with someone who does not know much about the subject. Be sure you are demonstrating understanding of gained knowledge, not just the ability to identify, locate and rephrase content from your text or other sources. Most assignments require you to synthesize multiple sources of information and then apply it
Sources must be scholarly and academic. The textbook must be one Sigelman, C. K., & Rider, E. A. (2018). Life span human development (9th ed.). Boston, MA: CengageLearning

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