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Look over the paper and see If I satsified the instructions. If you find somethi

Look over the paper and see If I satsified the instructions. If you find something that is missing please add to the writing. see attachment. (Final ministry research paper)
Write a 12-page Final Ministry Research Paper. Do not go beyond 12 pages with this paper. We ask you to write to this firm limit with precision and clarity, both of which will be taken into consideration in the evaluation of your paper. This integration paper should pull material from the discoveries you have made throughout this course.
The paper should include:
Your understanding of the church and its mission as this applies to your ministry context
Your convictions about and hopes for the church as it relates to your work
Your understanding of your role as a ministry leader
This Final Ministry Paper is a research paper. You will be expected to cite references from books you have read for this course and other sources as well. We hope to see in this final paper that you have integrated well the reading and writing, as well as theological thinking, that you have done in DM711: Exploring the Contours of Ministry. Remember, everything we do is theological. In this paper, you will engage in theological reflection about your ministry context, and your ministry. As with all DMin work, your paper will be an integration of your
theology, your life and ministry practices.
Sample Final Papers – you will find two sample final papers taken from a previous session of DM711. These papers have been chosen because they both illustrate clearly articulated and persuasive argumentation that has been supported throughout by the wise use of reference works and the course readings. However, these papers are not intended to serve as models of correct style and format. In this regard, please be guided exclusively by the DMin Style and Format Guide.

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