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Module Three highlights sensation and perception, different levels of consciousn

Module Three highlights sensation and perception, different levels of consciousness, and how they affect human behavior. No matter what you’re doing—solving homework, playing a video game, or simply picking out a shirt—all our actions and decisions involve sensation, perception, and conscious awareness. Chapter 3 provides a more in-depth explanation of the five senses: hearing, seeing, tasting, and smelling. Perception, how we interpret our sensory experiences, will also be discussed in this section. Chapter 4 highlights different levels of consciousness and how they can affect your behavior in a variety of situations. We divide consciousness into low awareness states such as daydreaming and high awareness states such as deliberating. The chapter also explore the role of consciousness in other, “altered” states like hypnosis and sleep and the influence of psychoactive drugs.
For this activity, construct a 100-to-150 words reflective response to this module. What stood out to you the most or did not pique your interest? How can the content in this module relate to real-life situations? Do not copy information directly from other sources without in-text citations and a reference page, including the textbook or PowerPoint. Pastorino, Ellen & Doyle-Portillo, Susann. (2022). What Is Psychology? Foundations, Applications, and Integration, 5e (with MindTap), Publisher: Cengage
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