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must write a minimum of 850 words. That is the minimum. You will likely need to

must write a minimum of 850 words. That is the minimum. You will likely need to write a good bit more. But those who write below the limit will receive a 25-50% point penalty to their discussion grade in addition to the points lost on the rubric.
are only using sources provided in the module folder. Do NOT seek out or use outside sources
must use parenthetical citations. Do NOT forget them. They are required whenever you borrow an idea, fact, or quote. Forgetting them means a big deduction on the rubric. Video sources should be cited with the relevant time stamp for when that information begins in the source, i.e. (Dismal Swamp 3:14).
Must include references and citations to ALL of the required sources from your document set in your discussion post.
Do NOT be content with a shallow analysis and/or broad statements. Dig into your sources. These are rich sources with an abundance of revelant information for responding to the prompts.
Statements and claims should be supported with evidence from the sources. Do NOT just speculate. Ground your claims in the evidence.
I want you to craft a discussion post that considers the expanding boundaries of liberty in the early American Republic. In what ways were certain people and groups seeking to expand their liberty and how did some draw limits to try and stop the expansion of liberty. Also consider the arguments being made for advancing and limiting the boundaries of liberty in the wake of the American Revolution. Keep in mind they see the methods they are offering as the best way(s) of preserving the legacies of the Revolution, so you’ll want to consider how they connect back to the ideals and language of the American Revolution (i.e. consent of the governed, “all men are created equal,” etc.). Last, make a case for which document offers the broadest vision for/of American freedom. I should see references to, and citations of, each of the following sources (contained in the document set)
Abigail Adams letter to John
John’s response to Abigail
Liberating Indentured Servants
Noah Webster on Equality
Walker (alternatively titled, State v. Jennison)
Francis Wright’s Course of Lectures
David Walker’s Appeal

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