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MY project is on HIV/ AIDS EPIDEMIC IN LOUISIANA You will write a 7 to 8 page,

You will write a 7 to 8 page, double-spaced paper about the epidemiology and control of HIV/AIDS in a specific country of your choice. If you choose the United States as a whole, you may choose one of the key epidemic areas or cities other than Miami (e.g. New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, etc.). Please organize your paper in the following format and include the following topics:
Background of your country or area/city (geographic size, population size, developing vs. developed or SES indicators, stability, HIV situation in relevant neighboring countries or areas/cities)
Background of the outbreak (When first cases recognized, trends to date)
Methods of surveillance used in country (what types of surveillance are conducted and for each where they are conducted [e.g. rural vs. urban], what types of populations [e.g. pregnant women, commercial sex workers, military], assess if methods appropriate given the type of outbreak).
Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in country or area/city
Burden of HIV/AIDS (numbers of cases, prevalence rates, estimated incidence, mortality rate, effect on society). Compare with other countries in region.
Demographics of HIV/AIDS (prevalence and mortality rates by sex, age, race/ethnicity, rural/urban)
Predominant risk factors (discuss predominant modes of transmission)
Implemented preventive measures (current and historical)
Barriers faced by country or area/city in HIV/AIDS control
Your assessment of effectiveness of country’s or city’s efforts to control outbreak
Design (and briefly describe) 1 prevention/control strategy that can be implemented in the country to control the epidemic
Not included in the page limit will be a 400 word abstract that you will write summarizing what you found about your country/topic. This abstract will be submitted to the discussion page so all students can benefit from what you learned.
Any tables or figures are also not included in the page limit. You must have at least three tables/figures. Create your own tables and figures as much as possible. Only cut and paste preexisting figures if you do not have access to the original data or if the figures are complicated (e.g. map). You must clearly state if a figure was created by someone else and cite the author and publication. If you are using data from a source but have created your own figure/table, you must indicate the source of the data (e.g. “Source of data: Doe J et al. Year, Journal, Vol, Page”). All tables and figures should be able to stand-alone with a complete title including year, place and what the table/figure refers to. All axis and column headings should be labeled. Each table/figure should be numbered and referred by number in the text. You should discuss the important findings of each table/figure in the text.
I expect you to have at least three sources that are from peer-reviewed journals. If there is little on your specific country, you are likely to find some that address the region your country is in. You should reference all data appropriately. References should be in APA format (visit The Purdue OWL: APA Style
(Links to an external site.)
for help with APA formatting).
All your writing should be your own. No cutting and pasting of text from any source is allowed. That constitutes plagiarism. Papers will be submitted to a Turnitin Dropbox to check for plagiarism. You will be able to see the results of the turnitin report. I will accept no papers showing more than 30% duplication (after excluding the references). Therefore, I recommend you turn your paper into the Turnitin Dropbox at least a week prior to the due date so you have time to improve your paraphrasing if necessary.

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