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My Topic is social media. Anything Corning social media the good and bad of it.

My Topic is social media. Anything Corning social media the good and bad of it.

My Topic is social media. Anything Corning social media the good and bad of it.
Research Proposal: [put focus of paper here]
Introduction: Provides an overview of the topic and identifies what about it interested you. In this section, you will also identify your preliminary position/stance on the issue. You will also identify your purpose and the audience for your paper. Finally, you will briefly describe how you will organize your paper. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR POSITION AND FOCUS WILL EVOLVE!!
Research question: In this section you will identify and elaborate on your research question. This must be an open-ended and debatable question!!!
Review of Literature: You will briefly summarize the conversation taking place between the sources that you’ve read thus far. Trace what guided you to specific sources. HINT: think of this section as sharing gossip. Who is disagreeing with each other? How do these sources “know each other” and why are they fighting?
Search Plan and Relevant sources: Describe how you will search for and evaluate sources. Briefly summarize what you’ve done so far.
Key challenges: Identify the challenges you will likely face in the process of researching and developing your paper.
Sources: Identify the sources that you’ve looked at to help develop your focus and research question. Remember that Wikipedia is not a scholarly source!! A place to start is to think about who is participating in the conversation on your topic. Review the types of sources that you might use for the example research question:
RESEARCHABLE QUESTION: How can Generation Z effectively challenge apathy about climate change?
Possible sources:
Scholarly articles (Gen Z climate activism, apathy & climate change, Sunrise movement etc.)
Interviews (with climate change experts, Gen Z activists, government leaders)
Government documents that outline climate policy
Websites of organizations related to topic
The final draft should meet the following criteria:
3 pages total (approx. 750 words), double-spaced, proofread, spell-checked.
1 inch margins, Times New Roman, font size 12.
Minimum 5 sources

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