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Name Economic Analysis for Mexico (country selected) Chipotle (company selected)

Economic Analysis for Mexico (country selected)
Chipotle (company selected)
Submission Date
Times New Roman 12’ font; Single-spaced within paragraph, double-spaced between paragraphs; one inch margins throughout. Use MLA or APA for in-text citations and reference page.
The economic analysis provides two broad categories of information: general economic data that serve as a basis for an evaluation of the economic soundness of a country, and information on channels of distribution and media availability. Keep in mind that the information below provides a guide for the topics you need to cover. The paper must be written in paragraph form and flow together. YOU ARE NOT TO TURN IN AN OUTLINE OR SIMPLY PROVIDE THE INFORMATION WITH NO CONTEXT.
Introduction (3 points)
Population (2 points)
Economic statistics and activity (10 points)
Developments in science and technology (10 points)
Channels of distribution (macro analysis) (10 points)
Media (10 points)
Reference or Citation Page, Grammar, Spelling and Organization (10 points)

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