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Note: FILM MAY BE CONSIDERED EXTREMELY DISTURBING Watch one of the following fil

Watch one of the following films (sign-in to confirm adult age may be necessary):
“Farm to Fridge” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju7-n7wygP0&t=616s) [kindly notify me if the link needs to be updated] .
“Slaughterhouse Made in France – Certified Organic” (https://youtu.be/DgzcLfQJLPI)
Upon completion of the movie, answer the following questions in your own opinion (identify the movie watched in the title of the paper):
1. Do you consider the practices observed in the film necessary in order to maintain or elevate the health of the general population via the final products provided?
2. Would you be able to perform these actions yourself if you were not paying someone else to do it for you? If you do not purchase meat from conventional locations or at all, briefly describe how you obtain the nutrients typically provided by consuming animal flesh.
3. What scene or fact bothered you most in the film, and why? Be sure to state the time stamp of the actual segment for verification.
4. What is one effect you believe will occur physiologically (do not include psychological aspects here) when a person consumes animals that have been treated in this manner, especially for a prolonged period of time? Provide a citation (academic source) for the hypothesis.
5. If you currently consume animal flesh from conventional locations, will you still consider eating food from a conventional food supplier (corner store, fast food restaurant, supermarket, etc.) after watching this film? Why or why not? If you do not currently consume animal flesh, do you feel that the agenda on the film demonstrate an accurate or skewed view of how most farming operations process animal flesh? Why do you feel this way?
Note: There is a message promoting veganism at the end of the video. This is NOT the intent of the assignment, no one should try to make anyone “become” anything. The intent of the video as an assignment is to provide awareness of how common animal based products are mass produced. If one chooses to attempt veganism due to the feelings developed from watching the video, then it is on the individual’s conscious and desire. Do not “fake” becoming vegan after watching these films believing that it will improve your grade (I am not vegan, and if I was, this should not result in students receiving a higher grade on the assignment for agreeing with the video). The message at the end of the video is irrelevant to the purpose of this assignment, and students will not be graded on the choice to follow in or reject the agenda promoted, nor will a student’s grade will be impacted based on the opinion provided to question #5. Also note that the videos do not demonstrate the practices of ALL farms (if what is demonstrated in the video can even be truly considered a “farm,” at least in the traditional sense).
There is no page requirement for this assignment. The focus is on quality. One can answer all questions in 20 complex sentences and have all the information requested with a strong foundation for each response.
No # of pages is not required.
Just answer the questions related to the movie. Pick one of them : “Farm To Fridge” or Slaughterhouse Made in France – Certified Organic”
Both YouTube’s movies links are above.

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