NOTE: you may NOT utilize any resources outside of the course. Utilizing ChatGPT

NOTE: you may NOT utilize any resources outside of the course. Utilizing ChatGPT

NOTE: you may NOT utilize any resources outside of the course. Utilizing ChatGPT or any other AI tools is strictly prohibited and subject to severe academic code violations that could result in a failing course grade.
We have seen how the movie Gandhi exhibit PREJUDICE and BIGOTRY. For the purpose of this Db, use these four definitions based on discussions I have casually borrowed from numerous websites:
Prejudice Definition: Prejudice refers to preconceived opinions or attitudes about an individual or group that are not based on reason or actual experience. These attitudes are typically negative and stem from stereotypes, and prejudices can be implicit (subconscious) or explicit (conscious).
Bigotry Definition: Bigotry is a persistently rigid intolerance and irrational hatred or refusal to accept people who are different. It often manifests in discriminatory actions and hostile behavior towards others.
Ideological Thinking Definition: Ideological thinking refers to a systematic set of beliefs or ideas that shape an individual’s understanding of the world and guide their political, social, or economic perspectives. It provides a framework for interpreting events and making decisions buts can be either rigid or open to adaptation.
Heuristic Definition: a heuristic is a tool or aid to learning, discovery, decision-making and/or problem-solving. Heuristic thinking uses rule-of-thumb strategies or mental shortcuts (often unconsciously) to quickly make otherwise complex decisions or judgments. Conscious heuristics often rely on trial-and-error methods that compare the present situation to representative mental prototypes of similar situations.
Section 1: Specifically Identify One Theme of Ideological Thinking in the Gandhi Film
In 50-100 words, explicitly and clearly specify one theme or specific scene of ideological thinking in the Gandhi film by referencing any aspect of the film including story or historical background.
Section 2: Link Authoritarianism and Stereotyping with Ideological and Heuristic Thinking

After briefly defining AUTHORITARIANISM and STEREOTYPING in your own words (see warning above about using non-course resources), use the definitions in this template to clearly link authoritarianism and stereotyping with ideological and heuristic thinking in no more than 200 words – You probably examine Section 3 below before providing your discussion here.
Section 3: Identify and Discuss One of Your Favorite Movies that Links all Four Concepts 1) Prejudice; 2) Bigotry; 3) Ideological Thinking; and 4) Heuristic
Title Movie (year of release):
Briefly (in no more than 200 words) discuss how you think your chosen movie links the four concepts. You do not have to mention the definitions because they are already given above – just discuss the linkages of what prompted your movie choice and why.

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