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Objective – Apply the basic sociological perspectives – structural functionalism

Objective – Apply the basic sociological perspectives – structural functionalism, social conflict, and symbolic interaction.
Choose ONE example here to use for all three theories: a current or past workplace, Heartland (or higher ed in general), your high school, any group or organization that you belong to currently or belonged to in the past, or ???? (You may ask the instructor if you can use a different idea.)
What you need to do: Show that you are understanding each theory by applying it to your chosen example. Use the following questions as guides.
Structural functionalism – what are the main parts that make up your example, give three examples of how those different parts work together, what is/was the manifest function of your example from your viewpoint, if others have a different viewpoint what might that be, what are two latent functions of your example.
Social conflict – what conflict goes on within the different parts of your example, is there conflict that goes on between your example and other parts of society, who has the power and who does not in your example, can you give an example of how any conflict led to change.
Symbolic interactionism – name and define three symbols in your example, how do we know what they mean, how are people to act in your example, does their action depend upon what role they are playing.

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