Onboarding New Employees to Perform Better and Succeed Faster If you are lookin

Onboarding New Employees to Perform Better and Succeed Faster
If you are lookin

Onboarding New Employees to Perform Better and Succeed Faster
If you are looking for ways to quickly improve the performance of your new employees you may want to consider investing in a high quality comprehensive onboarding program. Helping your new employees gain proficiency quickly can have a significant impact on your organizations revenue.

Pre-boarding Activities:
Ongoing Support

Provide a Custom Welcome Message
Give Employees a Clear Path With an Onboarding Checklist
One simple way you can leave new hires feeling excited and prepared for their first day is by creating a customized welcome message from their new team members. This can be as simple as a team email introducing the people they will be working closely with or you could send a welcome video from the leadership team with more information about the company culture and values.
Another great way you can help alleviate first day jitters and improve the new hire experience is by providing new employees with an onboarding checklist. This checklist should clearly list all of the onboarding activities that will need to be completed throughout the process. This will help them know what to expect and gives them time to prepare.

Provide a Single Destination for Learning and Resources:
Regular Check-ins:
It is essential that all new employees have an easy way to access whatever information and learning resources they may need. Providing this information in a single easy to access location will help increase the use of these resources and prevent confusion. Providing access to learning materials early on in the onboarding process will also signal to your new employees that learning and development is a high priority at your organization.

Another way you can ensure a smooth onboarding experience is by providing regular schedules check-ins. This could be with their direct supervisor or with another mentor. Having more time to speak with their managers is not only something many employees want when starting a new job, but it also gives them time to ask questions that may arise while the employee is working.

Using a Flipped Classroom Strategy to Promote Continuous Learning
In the beginning of the onboarding process learning takes place in a more formal manner. However, as an employee continues their onboarding journey and gains more experience in their new role using a flipped classroom strategy can be an effective way to promote continuous learning and development. This gives employees more control over their learning experiences and promotes employee engagement.
Benefits of new employee orientation:
Frequently named benefits of employee orientation include:
Reducing stress and anxiety. This is probably the number one benefit of new employee orientation. No matter how well you’ve prepared candidates during the recruitment process, they’ll still be nervous on their first day.
A well-organized orientation helps to reduce that stress and provides clarity about what’s on the agenda for people’s first day and beyond.
Increase commitment to the organization. A proper orientation will make new hires feel welcome, appreciated, and needed right from the start. This will increase their commitment.
Increase productivity, decrease mistakes. When done well, new employee orientation will help employees get up to speed faster. It will also help in avoiding (unnecessary) mistakes.
Reduce turnover. As a result of the three benefits just mentioned, employee turnover should go down; employee orientation shows people the organization cares and provides them with the tools they need to do their job well.
Contributing to a positive relationship and communication between the new hire, their colleagues, and manager.

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