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One of the biggest challenges in nursing education is to develop culturally sens

One of the biggest challenges in nursing education is to develop culturally sensitive graduates. Although theory and lecture are appropriate to introduce cultural issues, the application of those skills is limited by the kinds of clinical experiences and patient populations students may treat.
Read the Teaching Transcultural Nursing Through Literature article.
Answer the following questions:
Did you read any of the books listed in Table 1 on page 525 of the article?
If so, list the books you have read.
If not, place those books on your to-do-list for reading.
Select one question from Table 2 and answer. Share your thoughts, knowledge and experiences.
Respond to two (2) of your peer’s postings.
THESE IS AN EXAMPLE OF ONE OF MY PEERS that can be used as a guidance
How Stella Got Her Groove Back (Version 3)
“How Stella Got Her Groove Back” by Terry McMillan
Briefly describe the culture identified in the novel
“How Stella Got Her Groove Back” is a romantic comedy that takes place mainly in Jamaica. Stella is a 42-year-old, divorced, successful woman residing in San Francisco who goes on vacation with her friend and ends up in an island fling with a 21-year-old man named Winston. The fling leads to Stella developing feelings for the young man and the difference in age and location becomes an issue.
The Jamaican culture is driven around patois, having faith in God, music, such as Bob Marley, sports, such as track field and cricket, and food (SimplyView). The island is small, but Jamaicans voices are big and bold. They can stand their ground and defend themselves to no end. They are very hardworking and motivated people driven by the faith of God. No matter the circumstances they find a way to make ends meet. “Out of Many One People” is their motto. The Jamaican culture is very flavorful and unique, just like their food! Dishes vary from oxtail, curry goat, jerk chicken, and more. Their food is seasoned to perfection and have little to no complaints. Coincidentally, the Jamaican man who Stella was engaging with during her trip was an assistant chef who made his way to her heart.
An interesting fact about Jamaican men is that they gravitate more towards older women. With age comes experience and elder women understand relationships more and what it takes to treat a man right. Not only are they able to treat a man the way they want to be treated, but they can also teach him how to be a man by conducting himself appropriately, such as how to dress and speak. Factors like these raise a man know how to run a household due to their maturity. Other benefits of being with an older woman is financially stability. With that being said, the man does not have to stress about bills that come along with owning a house or car, which is a lot of people’s stumbling block. Age may have been a factor in Winston’s quest for Stella, but the love that came along with it was a bonus.
“Cultural Life.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., https://www.britannica.com/place/Jamaica/Cultural-life.

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