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HSMF 687
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HSMF 687
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The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to reflect on the most
influential moments in your life in order to learn and grow from them. You will also examine
how the impact of these influential moments may help or hinder your work as a counselor.
This paper should be 3-5 pages in length. It should be written in current APA format. Include a
title page, then in Part A of this assignment, you will discuss 2-3 of the most influential moments
in your life up through your present age. In Part B of this assignment, you will select one of the
influential moments as your topic, find a journal article or book chapter (other than the class text)
on that topic, then summarize and provide a reflection on what you discovered, ending with
discussion on how you think it may impact you and your clients in your future counseling
Part A
 Compose a concise 1-2 page summary of the top 2-3 most influential moments in your
life. These could be good or bad moments that had the greatest impact on your
development and overall worldview. Integrate Erikson’s stages as you write about those
moments in your life. What stage were you in during these influential moments? Was
there a developmental task that was not successfully resolved at the appropriate age?
Part B
 Select one of the influential moments you just wrote about as your topic for this next
section. Once you determine the topic, find and read a scholarly journal article or a
chapter from a scholarly book (outside of the class textbook) that discusses your selected
topic. (As examples these topics could include: Children of an alcoholic parent, incest,
physical abuse, addiction, insecurity, eating disorders, salvation experience, positive
parenting, etc..)
 Compose 1-3 pages where in your first paragraph you summarize the journal article or
book chapter you read.
 Apply the article or chapter to your life. Do you agree or disagree with the article or
chapter based on your own life experiences? If you had a client come to you with this
same situation, what are some points you would want to incorporate into your
counseling? If you have read additional materials prior to this, feel free to incorporate
them as well as pertinent Scripture examples or concepts. You will earn more points for
this section if you incorporate 1-2 additional sources.
 Lastly, include at least one paragraph that discusses strengths and weaknesses that
you have developed throughout your life that may help or hinder you in counseling
others. How did these influential moments impact your development, including emotional
and spiritual influence.
HSMF 687
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Questions to Consider
You may use these questions below to stimulate your thinking as you prepare for your paper. Do
not copy and answer each question.
1. How did your developmental transitions impact you spiritually, emotionally, and
2. How did your developmental years impact your biblical worldview?
3. Did anything specifically stand out in your development that may have impacted your
decision to go into the counseling profession?
4. What was your role in your family when you were growing up, and what impact did it
have on your interest in counseling?
5. Who are you as a person?
6. What wounds or unfinished business do you bring with you into the counseling room?
7. How are you healing these wounds?
8. What do you notice or what do you think your work with clients may trigger in you?
9. Whom do you have unfinished business with?
10. How do you handle being in conflict? Being confronted? Being evaluated? What
defenses do you use in these situations?
11. What are repetitive or chronic issues for you? How might these affect your work with
12. What do you see in other people that you consistently do not like? Reflect on whether
you can find these same qualities in yourself, and “own” them as also belonging to you.
Submission Instructions
1. Submit both Part A and Part B as 1 continuous document.
2. This assignment must be double spaced, include a title page and a references page, and be
in current APA format.
3. Both Part A and Part B of this assignment must total 3–5 pages, not including the title
page or references page.
4. Integrate Erikson’s stages where appropriate in Part A. Remember to reference/cite the
source according to current APA format.
5. Summarize a profesional article or scholarly book chapter. In this summary include the
title of the article or book with appropriate citations. You are encouraged to incorporate
outside materials as well in Part B. If you do so, properly reference/cite them.
6. You must write this assignment from first-person point of view since you are reflecting
on your own life and experiences.
Submission Checklist
 Title page
 Part A (1–2 pages)
 Part B (1-3 pages)
o Summary of article or book chapter
o Application of the article or book chapter to your life and future counseling
HSMF 687
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o Reflection of strengths and weaknesses as they may pertain to counseling
 References page (for references cited)
 Paper must:
o Be double spaced
o Be spell checked
o Be written in current APA format
o Include a 1-paragraph summary of your journal article or book chapter
o Integrate concepts learned from course materials (at least 2 sources)
o Include citations from your course materials (when integrated)
o Be written in first person
o Total 3–5 pages
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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